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About Ben's Health Enterprises, Inc. and Its Founder


Prior to 1998 I was a successful medical doctor in Germany with a well established 12-year practice.I specialized in Sports Medicine, Classical Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic. I was a healthy, vigorous former soccer player of international status.

On a visit to the United States I was involved in a serious accident, breaking my back and hip and ended up in a wheelchair.The doctors who treated me felt that I would never likely walk again, but offered faint hope that perhaps in six or seven years I might be able to lift myself from the wheelchair.I was also in constant and considerable pain.

In 1999, still in my wheelchair, I arrived to start a new life in Canada. But the prospect that faced me was not a happy one.I had a young family that needed me, but I was more of a burden to them than anything else.Besides the constant physical pain, my situation left me in a very depressed state.

After spending two years in the wheelchair I resolved to apply all my training, all the physical and emotional resources I could muster, to curing myself.I locked myself in my bedroom, not wanting my wife and children to witness the agonizing struggle I was engaged in.My goal was simply to be able to pull myself up from the wheelchair and stand unaided.This I accomplished after three months of intensive effort and pain, and it was a happy day when I was able to open the door and welcome my family into my arms.

This first step was followed by a series of treatments involving regular and Shiatsu Massage, Movement Therapy, Neural Therapy, and Isometrics.I also underwent a program of both natural and homeopathic medication, augmented with high potency doses of vitamins and minerals.Today I am able to walk short distances without a cane and enjoy once again a robust physical life to the delight of my family.

For me it was indeed a case of 'physician heal thyself' and my commitment to healing others is greater than ever.

My Philosophy
Health is one's most valuable possession. All too often this possession is taken for granted.Once neglected one calls upon medical advice.In the last decades, Naturopathy has also found its place among the many fields of medicine.

My Goal
My personal goal is to provide my clients with a better quality of life. This often involves encouraging them to change their lifestyles and assisting them in breaking bad habits of nutrition and other forms of self neglect.I try to share with them both my knowledge and my positive attitude towards life.Positive thinking is, I feel, the most important determinant of good health.

My Motto
Freedom of choice based on knowledge of natural alternatives.

- Dr. Rahim, MD

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