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About Ben's Health Enterprises, Inc. and Its Founder

Dr Rahim

About Ben's Health

Bens Health is the global leader in the field of bioregulatory medicine. Bens Health products are easy to use and gently activate the body`s self healing powers as intended by nature and requested by health care professionals and patients around the world.

My Story

The mind is an immensely powerful tool. So powerful in fact that it has the ability to change your actual DNA. I would like to take the time to give you a couple of personal examples of times when I was able to use my mind to change my DNA and overcome a bad situation.

Prior to 1998 I was a successful medical doctor in Germany with a well-established 12-year practice. I specialized in Sports Medicine, Classical Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic procedures. I was also a healthy, vigorous former soccer player of international status.

About 20 years ago when I was living in Germany with my wife, my oldest son and daughter, I was unexpectedly faced with a tragic accident. While fixing the roof of our house I slipped and fell. What happened next would lead to one of the most trying times of my entire life. Within the course of just a few seconds I was left with a broken back, the inability to ever walk again and brain injury. It’s astounding how quick these sorts of tragedies occur. One moment you are living a normal happy life only to have that same life torn away from you just moments later. When the doctors broke the news to my family and I that I would never be able to walk again, I felt as though my life was over. It destroyed me. And as a result, I fell into a deep depression and anxiety. Why did something like this have to happen to me?

The months to come would without question be some of the hardest moments that I ever had to face. It wasn’t just the fact that I myself was left without the ability to walk, but also the constant feeling that I had let down my family. That I was a burden.How could I provide for them if I couldn’t even take care of myself?

I still have this vivid memory of a sunny summer day as my children, who were very young at the time, were playing outside. In fact, I remember it as if it were just yesterday. I was sitting in my wheelchair watching over them happily playing in our garden. For a moment, I had forgotten the current state I was in. For a moment I was happy to. Then my son and daughter joyously looked back at me yelling “Papa, come play with us!” In that moment, my mind came crashing back into reality. As my children realized that I was no longer able to play with them, their smiles faded. My heart broke. I was torn apart.

My wife was also deeply affected by my accident. Not only did she have to look after the children and I all on her own, but she also had to deal with people on the outside constantly asking about me. She could barely leave the house without being bombarded with questions and sympathetic wishes from concerned friends and clients. Sometimes she would return home hours later when all she had wanted was to quickly run to the store. And I myself didn’t wish to see anybody. I was in a terrible mental state. I was miserable and I wanted to be left alone.

Eventually, we decided that it would be best to move to America to stay with my family. We couldn’t get through this situation alone. We needed the support. As time went on, my depression and grief become worse. I felt like I was drowning. After a few months spent with my family in America I decided that it just wasn’t the right environment for my recovery. I constantly felt this overwhelming suffocating feeling.

This is when my wife and I made the decision to move to Canada for a fresh start. As time continued to pass our situation just wouldn’t improve. It was like we were stuck in a moment in time. How could I continue to live like this I thought to myself? I no longer wanted to live like this. This is when I went to my room and locked the door behind me. I locked myself away from my loved ones. I wanted to be alone in solitude.

Day by day I stayed locked in my room for hours. Away from everybody and everything.More than six months passed until one day I called my family into my room. As they walked in and looked at me, I slowly stood up from my wheelchair and step by step walked towards them. As they stared at me in utter disbelief, I put my arms around them and held them close. As we all stood there crying tears of happiness, I knew for the first time in months that everything was going to be ok. We were going to get through this. It was in this moment that my hope and faith was restored.

As I returned to see the doctors, they were completely speechless. My recovery was simply unexplainable. It seemed impossible. But what they didn’t realize was during those months that I spent locked away in my room I had an epiphany. As I felt like my world was over and I was losing the will to live I came to a realization. Maybe it didn’t need to be this way. Maybe this wasn’t my fate. Perhaps it was life’s ultimate test for me. So that’s when I decided that this wasn’t how I would continue to live out the rest of my life. I refused to let this be my outcome. I simply decided that I would walk again. That I would fully recover in order to get my life back for my family and for myself. This became my only option. During these six months I went to hell and back but no matter how many times I failed, no matter how many times I fell, no matter how badly it hurt I refused to give up. I didn’t give myself a choice. I made myself believe that I would walk again no matter what. I let this vision overtake my mind until it was all I could see. I used my mind to enter my body and change every cell in order to regain my health. I completely changed my perspective and I was relentless in my pursuit of the future I wanted. Until I succeeded.Until I was able to stand on my own two feet and hold my family in my arms.Until I got my life back.

This unfortunate situation that I was left to overcome is clear proof of the incredible power that our mind possesses. It shows the true extent of all that we are capable of merely through our thoughts and mindset. It demonstrates just how large of a role our mind plays. How our mind has the ability to manipulate our DNA. Every individual has the capability to mentally enter their body and change every cell in order to regain their health.This has everything to do with the ultimate formula for living a balanced and healthy life. This is the exact process that I followed on my journey to recovery. You need to think it, feel it, believe it, take action and be grateful. If you want to have success in anything in life, you need to believe in it relentlessly. This is why it is so important to maintain a positive mindset at all times regardless of the situation you are being faced with.

The next example will demonstrate how the way you think isn’t only relevant when it comes to getting out of a difficult situation, but how the way you think may be the very thing that had lead you to the difficult situation in the first place.

A while back I was in a very bad place as things in my personal life weren’t going very well. I found myself constantly thinking bad and negative thoughts. There were so many things bothering me and they were starting to eat away at my mind. I was depressed, angry and frustrated at everything consistently going wrong. I felt like all the bad things in my life just kept repeating. Like a broken record. As the days went by these negative thoughts were all that filled my head. I just couldn’t seem to clear my mind.

That leads me to a few nights later. As I was lying in bed I drifted off into a restless sleep with these unhealthy negative thoughts still active in my mind. The next morning I woke up feeling very strange. Something was wrong. As I stood up to prepare my water in the kitchen as I do every morning, I abruptly fell to the ground. It was as if my entire body suddenly lost all of its strength. Thinking that it must have been just a momentary lapse, I slowly collected myself and gathered the strength to get back up.

Yet as I took only a few more steps, I found myself lying on the floor again. At this point I became unconscious. I must have been out for only a few minutes but when I regained my consciousness I felt completely drained. I had no energy, no strength, and no will left in my body. I couldn’t gather the power to get up. I couldn’t even find the strength to reach for my cell phone or call for help. So I just sat there on the floor. I was completely weak and helpless. At least half an hour must have passed until I was able to move. At this point it took everything I had to crawl my way back into bed.

The next day, I found out I had pneumonia. For the coming days I was sick and bedridden. At the time, I didn’t understand how this happened. I felt fine one day just to get pneumonia the next. How could this happen so quickly out of nowhere? It didn’t make sense. That was until I realized that although I may have felt physically healthy; my mental state was nowhere near OK. In fact I had been mentally unwell for a quite some time, I just didn’t realize it. This is when I became aware of the fact that it was actually my thoughts that caused me to become sick. The negative and unhealthy thoughts that crowded my mind lead me to developing pneumonia. I myself was the very cause of my sickness.

The moment I realized that my thoughts alone were the reason I became so sick was the moment I knew exactly what I had to do to reverse it. I needed to change my mindset and my perspective. I needed to let go of all my unhealthy negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts and good vibes. I knew I had to use my mind to go within my body and change every cell in order to regain my health. And so that’s exactly what I did. On this day, as I stopped letting my negative thoughts consume me and I focused on creating positive energy, I began to notice a difference with each passing moment. Once I had gathered enough strength I also took the time to practice Chi Gong in order to re-channel the balance and harmony of my mind and my body.

The following day, I already felt a drastic difference in my mental and physical health. My strength was returning and the weakness was leaving my body. My mind felt so much clearer and I knew I was on the path back to health. Three days later I had fully recovered. There was not a single trace of pneumonia left in my body. Through my thoughts I became sick and through my thoughts I regained my health.

This situation is a powerful example of what an immense effect our thoughts and mindset have on our overall health. It shows how our very thoughts alone can result in our sickness as well as our health. This is why it is so important for you to keep a clear and healthy mind filled with positive and vibrant thoughts at all times. In fact, it’s one of the most important things you can ever do for your health and well-being. Within the course of one day, our mind goes through between 50,000-70,000 thoughts both subconscious and conscious. So I bet at this point you can imagine how much our thoughts truly affect us.Our lives are a reflection of our thoughts and we become what we think about. This is a very valuable lesson to be aware of.

My Philosophy
Health is one's most valuable possession. All too often this possession is taken for granted.Once neglected one calls upon medical advice.In the last decades, Naturopathy has also found its place among the many fields of medicine.

My Goal
My personal goal is to provide my clients with a better quality of life. This often involves encouraging them to change their lifestyles and assisting them in breaking bad habits of nutrition and other forms of self neglect.I try to share with them both my knowledge and my positive attitude towards life.Positive thinking is, I feel, the most important determinant of good health.

My Motto
Freedom of choice based on knowledge of natural alternatives.

- Dr. Rahim, MD

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