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Frequently Asked Questions

What is homeopathy?
Very simply, homeopathy attempts to stimulate the body to recover itself. Let's look at an example: the common cough.
First, we must accept that all symptoms, no matter how uncomfortable they are, represent the body's attempt to restore itself to health. Instead of looking upon the symptoms as something wrong which must be set right, we see them as signs of the way the body is attempting to help itself. Instead of trying to stop the cough with suppressants, as conventional medicine does, a homeopath will give a remedy that will cause a cough in a healthy person, and thus stimulate the ill body to restore itself. You can read more of what is homeopathy on our web page.

Why use alcohol?
We use medicinal alcohol because there is no solid substance in the homeopathic product, it%u2019s only energy. No bacteria can grow either. The life shelf is also longer (5 years).

Will the alcohol affect me?
The alcohol will not affect you, but if you are worried about medicinal alcohol, you can put it in hot water so that the medicinal alcohol can dissolve. At this point you have no medicinal alcohol left in the product. You can then mix it in juice with no problem.

If I don't like alcohol what do I do?
Not a problem. You can dissolve the product in hot water, this way there will be no medical alcohol left and then you can put it in some juice or just take it directly into your mouth.

Is it safe for my children?
Absolutely safe. You can give your child the immune booster, this will help tremendously since their immune is still immature. It will definitely help them fight viruses, bacteria and infections. This will have no side effect on your child. You can give it to your child in some juice or water.

Is it safe for old age?
It is most certainly safe. As you grow older you immune system starts to slow down and that is when chronic illnesses and other auto immune diseases occur more likely then when you are younger. This is just a natural process, but you can help your immune system to stay healthier by taking appropriate measures.

Will there be any side effects?
No there will be no side effects since this is only energy. Homeopathy is the safest product that any human or animals can take without suppressing your immune system in anyway. No matter what herb or minerals that a person can be allergic to, homeopathy cannot have any side effects because there is no solid or material in the products, it is only energy (information) of the mother tincture. If there is a worry about medicinal alcohol you can put it in hot water do dissolve the medicinal alcohol.

Can I take the product if I am pregnant?
Absolutely! This will only help you and your baby to stay healthy. There is no danger for you or your baby. You will pass it through to your baby.

What if I am nursing?
You will help your baby's immune system to fight better. You will be passing it through your milk.

Who makes your products?
Boiron Canada Ycc Homeophatic Lab. Canada Phytopharmeceutical Corp..

Are all the ingredients organic certified?
Yes they are all organic certified. The mother tinctures come from France and are controlled.

What if I take other medications, how safe is it?
It is very safe and cannot interfere with your medications.

What if I have an overactive immune system?
This will be great for you because it will balance your immune system and not suppress it.

What if I can't take Echinacea or any other products mentioned?
No problem, people who can't take Echinacea or any other products mentioned can take this. Because there is no material or solid substance you will not be affected by it. It is only the energy (information) that is extracted from the mother tinctures. This will help your balance your immune system a safe and natural way with no side effects.

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