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STEP 2 - Kidney, Lung and Cardiovascular

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CARDIOPLEX - Cardiovascular Cleansing Formula
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The heart is one of the most important organs in the human body. From the moment it begins beating the heart works continuously. In an average person's lifetime, a healthy heart beats more than two and a half billion times without pausing to rest, pumping some five litres of blood which is continuously recirculated through the body. The blood is pumped first through the major arteries, then into secondary ones, and finally into the capillaries which bring the blood and the nourishment it carries to the various tissues and organs. The return journey to the heart is through the veins. The entire cycle typically takes about sixty seconds.

The heart itself needs to be nourished, and oxygen-rich blood is supplied to the heart by the coronary arteries and all its capillaries. There are a number of health conditions that play a factor in the ability of the heart to perform its function of circulating the blood, and consequently keeping the heart healthy is of vital importance.


Very beneficial for the heart muscle, for infections of the arterial system, and for supporting the circulatory system; used to enhance the cardiovascular system, and to cleanse the heart, the venous and the varterial system. Usefulness in hypertonie and cerebralsclerose also indicated.

No known contraindications.

No known side-effects.

Interactions with other medications
No known interactions with other medications.

Dosage and mode of administration
1 teaspoon 3 times a day on an empty stomach, taken in a small amount of organic apple juice. Shake before use.


Allium Sativa (garlic)
A health-building and preventative herb, Alium Sativa is rich in minerals and vitamins; it lowers blood pressure, decreases platelet aggregation, and stimulates the production of nitric oxide in the lining of the blood vessel walls; this helps the blood vessels to become more flexible and pliant, thereby reducing the need of the heart to pump more vigorously. Alium Sativa helps prevent atherosclerosis, diabetes and heart disease, and generally reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Hawthorn Berry
Very beneficial for the heart muscle, it helps enhance immunity and the cardiovascular system; it relaxes and dilates arteries, thereby increasing the flow of blood to and from the heart. A general purpose aid to a healthy circulation, good blood pressure, and efficient heart and blood vessels.

A traditional homeopathic remedy against infection of the arterial system; relieves constrictive or spasmodic pain of the oesophagus, throat, chest, bladder or rectum. Can be used to open blockages in the coronary arteries, whose symptoms include the feeling as if an iron band has been tightened around the heart.

Codonopsis Root
Excellent blood and immune system builder; supports the circulatory system by increasing haemoglobin in the blood (the red cell blood count) and has been shown to lower blood pressure and increase endurance against stress.

Secale cornutum
A herb long-used for maintainig the arterial system and an antidote to Hypertonie and other circulatory disorders.

Reishi Mushroom
Used as an immune modulator, it stimulates the immune system; widely used to enhance the cardiovascular system because of its cardio tonic action; lowers serum cholesterol levels with no effect on triglycerides, and improves coronary artery hemodynamics.

Gingko Biloba Leaf
Enhances the healthy functioning of the circulatory system and helps the body deal with stressful situations. Useful against vascular insufficiency, vertigo, headaches and tinitus. Because of its positive effects as a circulatory aid, Gingko Biloba is very effective in treating peripheral vascular or arterial disease, depression, memory loss, headaches and vertigo. It is thought to help increase blood flow to the brain, which makes it a possible treatment for cerebral insufficiency. Its antioxidant ingredients is believed to protect the cardiovascular and the central nervous system from the effects of aging, one symptom of which is mental deterioration and memory loss.

Traditional uses include remediating disorders of the circular system involving deficient capillary circulation; also used for its diuretic, antiasthmatic, and antirheumatic properties. Commonly used to treat dizziness and other symptoms of circulatory problems.

Viscum album
Effective in lowering blood pressure and heart rate where necessary, easing anxiety and promoting sleep; used against hypertensive albuminuria and valvular disease, and acts as an antispasmodic; improves artery circulation.

Known to stimulate blood circulation and can raise blood pressure when required, especially in the coronary arteries and capillaries. Effective against cardiac dropsy with dyspnoea. Used externally for arthritis, burns, ulcers, eczema and acne. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities help in the reduction of pain and swelling in wounds as well as contributing to the speedier healing of wounds.

Camphor is used topically to increase local blood flow and as a "counterirritant" which reduces pain and swelling by causing irritation. It is important not to apply camphor to broken skin, because it can enter the body quickly and reach concentrations that are high enough to cause poisoning. Some people use camphor topically to treat respiratory tract diseases and to treat heart disease symptoms. Camphor is also used topically as an eardrop, and for treating minor burns.

Violent palpitation. Pręcordial pain and great aggravation from movement. Frequent attacks of palpitation, especially with foul odor from mouth. Pulse weak and irregular. Pericarditis, with sticking pains, palpitation, dyspnœa. Neuralgia extending to arm or both arms. Angina pectoris. Craving for hot water which relieves. Rheumatic carditis, trembling pulse; whole left side sore.

For people suffering from digestive problems, for instance, nausea, vomiting, heartburn as well as diarrhea. These conditions are said to improve and the patient feels better while bending forward. In addition, colchicum also facilitates in treating heart ailments as well as muscle and joint problems.

Used in the treatment of syphilis, inflammatory fevers, neuralgia, paralytic conditions, tinnitus and angina.

Capsaicin may improve your digestion by increasing the digestive fluids in the stomach and by fighting bacteria that could cause an infection. It may also help fight diarrhea caused by bacterial infection. Capsaicin acts as an antioxidant, protecting the cells of the body from damage by harmful molecules called free radicals. Capsaicin also may help prevent bacterial infections. Capsaicin may also make mucus thinner and help move it out of the lungs. It is also thought to strengthen lung tissues and help to prevent or treat emphysema.

Allium Cepa
Onions help treating high cholesterol, diabetes, joint disorders, digestive ailments, loss of appetite, gallbladder diseases, angina pectoris, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, sore throat, asthma, bronchitis, cough, intestinal gas and intestinal worms. Onions are rich in potassium, fiber, sulfur, Vitamin C, Vitamin B. They are low in fat, sodium and cholesterol. Due to their medicinal properties, onions can help curing common cold, fever, sore throat, cough, allergies and many more. Onion has mild anti-hypertensive property. It can help in reducing and managing the elevated blood pressure. However, its effect is not so potent that can alone help reducing blood pressure, but it is a good diet for people with hypertensive heart diseases. The active compound QUERCETIN is responsible for anti-hypertensive property of onions.

Burdock Root
Burdock root is described as a "blood purifier". Burdock root has active ingredients that have been found to detoxify heavy metals from the blood, improving organ health and the health of the whole body. It also promotes blood circulation to the skin surface, which improves skin health. Burdock root helps induce lymphatic drainage and detoxification. As a natural blood cleanser, it has a wonderful effect on the lymphatic system. Burdock root is a natural diuretic so through burdock consumption, you can naturally and easily help your body to eliminate excess water by increasing urine output. By elevating the rate of urination, burdock root can help to remove waste from the blood and body. Burdock root contains inulin, a soluble and prebiotic fiber that helps improve digestion and lower blood sugar. Burdock root is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory abilities, even helping to soothe arthritis.

Chickweed has been used for many conditions, including asthma, blood disorders, conjunctivitis, constipation, inflammation, dyspepsia, skin ailments, and obesity. Chickweed is best known for its soothing and healing quality. The high saponin content of this herb is thought to be the reason for its effectiveness in relieving skin problems such as erysipelatous and other forms of ulceration, as well as many forms of cutaneous diseases.

Choke Berry
Chokeberries have an antioxidant content three times as potent as that of blueberries, and contain a high concentration of anthocyanins, which have strong anti-inflammatory properties and offer many protective benefits. Fights against heart disease: Its relatively high amount of phenolic constituents is also responsible for a wide range of health benefits. Aronia can be very beneficial in cases of arthritis, hypertension, inflammation, cardiovascular conditions and other infections. The use of aronia has also been found to strengthen blood vessels, support natural immunity, lower blood pressure levels, and even delay the natural aging process.

This common garden herb penetrates into the system to break up congestion and destroy microbes; useful against digestive problems, intestinal parasitic and bacterial infections, and fungal overgrowth


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