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Cancer Survival Story - By Dr. Rahim, MD



Benjamin Rahim

Our son, Benjamin, was born on June 25th, 2001. We were a happy family. My wife and I and our three children enjoyed our everyday lives even though in 1998, I was involved in a serious accident. I broke my back and my hip and ended up having to use a wheelchair. This made it necessary, three years before Benjamin's birth, to retire from my own Rehabilitation Clinic in Germany, where I had been a doctor of medicine, a specialist in sports medicine, Chinese medicine, classic homeopathy and chiropractor.

Although the Clinic had been very successful, I now had a young family who depended on me. We had to make a life change. So, in 1999, with myself still limited to a wheelchair, we arrived in Canada to start a new life. And, after spending two years in the wheelchair, I resolved to apply all my training resources to cure myself.

When Benjamin was ten months old I wondered, by looking into his face and eyes, if something might be wrong with his kidneys. I asked my wife if he was drinking enough. She replied that he was and for the time being we left it at that.

August 2002, was the worst month of our lives. Benjamin was fourteen months old and one day I noticed the left side of his abdomen was bulging outward. I laid him down immediately in order to examine him and asked my wife if she had noticed this before. To her surprise this was the first time she had seen it too.

Dr RahimMy heart was beating fast being a doctor I knew this could be serious. Since I had not set up a practice in Canada, we went to our family doctor, Dr. Green, here in the Comox Valley. When I explained my concerns to the doctor she sent us immediately to the Comox Hospital to get X-Rays and an Ultra-Sound. We rushed to the Hospital, our anxiety level reaching higher and higher. As soon as the X-Rays and Ultra-Sound were completed we saw the pediatrician, Dr. Slater, and he too expressed concern.

For a brief moment we stared at the doctor's face. We felt totally confused as he tried to explain why he was sending us on to Emergency at the Sick Children's Hospital in Vancouver. In that instant, internal chaos was joined by a silent scream of terror which came from some place deep within and which, up to that moment, we didn't know existed.

By the time we left the doctor's office we were almost hysterical. We could not breathe. We felt as if we were suffocating. Tears flowed non-stop. We had lost total control of our lives and had no idea how to prevent our world from turning upside down. Hell had hit our family.

We rushed home to gather some of our belongings but at the same time neither one of us could think clearly. We were distraught. We had no time to waste thinking about things to bring with us. Everyone was panicking and crying. I was so worried about Benjamin I almost forgot the other two children.

Finally, the five of us just jumped into the van and drove. We hoped to catch the 3 p.m. ferry to Vancouver from Nanaimo, an hour's drive from our home in Comox but arrived to find we had missed it by mere minutes. We had another two hours to wait for the 5 p.m. ferry and every minute seemed like a week. Waiting with the three kids was hard enough; we also knew we had a 90 minute ferry ride ahead. The waiting was killing us inside. Then, even after we arrived and got off the ferry, it took us a long time to get to the hospital. I could not concentrate on the road and kept losing my way.

We reached Vancouver's Children's Hospital about 9 p.m. and found the Emergency staff ready and waiting for us. Around 11:30 p.m. they started blood tests and Benjamin had more examinations. By this time our other two children were so exhausted they fell asleep on the hospital floor. The staff finally gave my wife and Benjamin a room for the night and the rest of us were settled in a hotel near by.

Next day Benjamin had to go through more X-Rays, an Ultra-Sound and a CT Scan. Then we met with the oncologist and he informed us of the CT Scan results. That was when our worst nightmare was confirmed. It was indeed a Wilms tumor. Almost as soon as we found out that our little boy had cancer our self-recriminations began. What had we done to cause this illness? My wife wondered if she had given proper care during the pregnancy?

We met again with the oncologist Dr. Bond, the surgeon Dr. Webber, and my friend Professor Karim who came with me for moral support. We discussed the issue of chemotherapy. Initially, I was not in favour of chemotherapy but after further discussion I realized it was in Benjamin's best interest. With chemotherapy it might be possible to shrink the tumor and hopefully save his kidney. This treatment would also make the operation less complicated, with less loss of blood.

There would be eight weeks of chemotherapy before the surgery. An access would be put into Benjamin's chest in order to administer the chemotherapy. Then we decided to do a biopsy and twenty-four hours later the biopsy result showed it was indeed a malignant tumor.

HealthBenjamin started his first chemotherapy session at the Children's Hospital in Vancouver. Because his blood pressure was high he was also given the medications amlodipine and captopril. Our poor little boy was going through agony. We stayed in Vancouver for two weeks and then home to the Comox Valley where he was to continue the chemotherapy every week.

After the second treatment Benjamin became very ill. His condition was horrible-sadly, he was no longer the little boy we knew. Twenty four hours a day he would have to be in my wife's arms or in mine. He could not eat, walk, crawl, talk or play. Everything a normal child could do, was impossible for him.

The nights were restless; he could not sleep when we lay down he had to be in our arms. He needed physical contact with us to the point that, even when we went to the washroom or while we did the cooking, he still had to be carried.

All the medications he needed to take, together with the chemotherapy and its side effects, made him extremely sick. As soon as we tried to give him medicine he would throw up. Even a small amount of milk in his stomach would be regurgitated.

His little body rejected all medications and seemed lifeless. I was overwhelmed with sadness and unfortunately for me, that brings feelings of helplessness. I wish I could have mustered up a fighting spirit but I just could not.




We had to remember to brush his teeth every four hours, after breakfast, lunch, supper, and at bedtime:

- before administering 2ml of Nystatin to prevent fungal infection.
Before Chemotherapy treatments Benjamin had to take:
- 5ml of Septra to prevent lung infection, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8:00am and 8:00pm.
After his chemotherapy:
- 5ml of Lactulose, a stool softener, on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays at 8:00am and 8:00pm
- 1.5mg of Amlodipine, to lower blood pressure, three times a week at 8:00am and 8:00pm
- 18.75mg of Captopril, to lower blood pressure, three times a week at 8:00am and 8:00pm
- 50mg twice a day of Ducusate.
At home, prior to the chemotherapy treatment:
- we also had to put Emla cream on his vap - where they administered the chemotherapy through his access-in order to freeze it.

Sometimes I would feel incredible waves of absolute terror wash over me, the kind of fear that causes your breathing to become difficult and your heart to beat faster. While I would be consciously aware of what was happening, there was nothing I could do to stop it. I prayed to God every second and every minute to protect my son and give me his horrible sickness instead.

It happened sometimes very late at night when I was lying in bed staring off onto the darkness. It was so intense that for a brief moment I would try to comfort myself by thinking it can't be real - it's just too horrible. During those moments such thoughts only offered a second or two of comfort before I became aware of just how wide my eyes were open in the darkness. I found myself getting busier and busier thinking I could outrun the pain. But then realized I couldn't avoid the hurt. I just gritted my teeth, cried, and lived through it.

We were going out or our minds seeing our son this way. My head was spinning, I could not think, my emotions were running high. I was like any other father would be. I felt helpless. I had to get hold of myself. That's when it hit me!

I said to myself, I am a doctor and I have the tools that could help my son. My mind went into overdrive. The line of Classic Homeopathic medications I used in my practice in Germany was at my finger tips. Because Benjamin's small body was rejecting the medications prescribed for side affects, we had no choice but to discontinue them. Nevertheless we knew the chemotherapy had to be continued. Remembering the thousands of patients I had helped in Germany I hoped I could get him through this ordeal without all the suffering!

I started giving Benjamin my unique blend of Classic Homeopathic medications. Because of its potency and blended combinations, the Immune Booster balances the immune system almost instantly. In a matter of twenty four hours Benjamin stopped throwing up and within one to two weeks he started to regain his energy. He started to crawl, to walk, to talk, and slowly, to play. He now began to enjoy being a little boy again and to regain his former, quality of life.

(Note: Be careful when taking any kind of herb with chemotherapy or other drugs because they could harm you. However, Immune Booster is a Classic Homeopathic medication with no solid substance in it. It has only the energy [information] that is extracted from the mother tincture. Classic Homeopathy does not interfere with any type of drug and there is no danger from side affects. It is a safe medication.)

Benjamin continued having his treatment every week at the Comox Hospital and during the twenty four hours of his chemotherapy we did not give him the Immune Booster. The day of his chemotherapy he would throw up. The day after his treatments we restarted the Immune Booster, his symptoms disappeared, and he felt well again. Each week after his chemotherapy he underwent blood tests and the doctors were amazed at how well his blood count was doing.


White Blood Cell
White Blood Cell
White Blood Cell:
180- 440
822 (high)

 We took Benjamin back to Children's Hospital in Vancouver for his surgery appointment at the end of October. There, we were extremely upset when we learned he had to have his kidney removed. We felt frightened for him; thinking about our little boy lying on an operating table being cut open with a scalpel.

Dr RahimThe surgery took two hours, a very long two hours in our lives. However, to our great joy, the surgery was a success. I had asked the surgeon, Dr. Webber, if I could see the tumor. It was about the size of a small cantaloupe and had enveloped and destroyed the entire kidney altogether, a horrifying experience but I had to see for myself what my son had dealt with.

During our stay at the hospital, as we watched our own child doing fairly well, we were saddened to see the suffering of several of the other children there, some so sick they lay limp in their parents arms. As we looked around and saw other children crying and suffering while our son was so much better, we knew we were truly blessed.

Our stay at the hospital in Vancouver was once again for two weeks. Then we were glad to come back to the Comox Valley. Here Benjamin continued his chemotherapy, together with the Immune Booster, until March 2003. After Benjamin's last chemotherapy session, my wife and our other two children had a little celebration in honour of Benjamin's recovery.

Every three months we returned to the Sick Children's Hospital in Vancouver for Benjamin to be examined along with X-Rays, Ultra-Sound and the CT Scan. The last time he had to go through these procedures was the beginning of July 2003, and he was doing remarkably well. At the end of July he was scheduled to have a small surgery to remove the access in his chest used to administer chemotherapy. When Benjamin woke up from that surgery he was full of life, ready to play and run, and did not even cry.

This is when I said to my wife, I do believe this is a message from God! I have to get my line of Classic Homeopathic medications out to the public to help people.

Up to this day Benjamin is doing extremely well, and I realize that my goal as it always has been, is to help people. I don't profess to cure but I can contribute a quality of life and dignity. I do believe this is my purpose here on earth. I will give my soul to my family and my life will be dedicated to helping people in any way possible.

- Dr. Rahim, MD


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