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I was 60 years old and my health was not as good as I wanted it to be. I was sitting behind a desk working on the computer too much. After years of being able to eat anything I wanted I was starting to gain weight. I didn't have energy anymore. My wife had been seeing Dr.Rahim and I noticed a big difference after she completed the cleanses. I decide to try it.

Doing the cleanses with Dr.Rahim has made a big difference in my life. I am now 63. My energy levels are so much better. I am able to pursue an exercise program now. My psoriasis is much improved. I only have a tiny patch left. I am confident it will disappear soon also.

I highly recommend Dr.Rahim and his cleanses.

Stewart Duncan Courtenay, B.C.


My name is Robert Gilles.

On July 4, 2002 I was in a single vehicle accident, just outside of the town of Manning, in northern Alberta. 1.5 hours went by, until I was finally found. It was estimated by the police, that I was thrown 150ft. (the distance between one telephone pole to the next pole). They had to take me to Manning Hospital to stabilize me, before they could fly me to the University Hospital. I had multiple injuries, needed assisted breathing, broken jaw, pelvis, left hip, left knee, ankle, and bladder injury, small bowel torn, and not to mention, extremely bad brain damage. When I arrived at the University Hospital they took a CT scan, which showed a subdural hem bleed on the right and left side basal ganglia- torn aorta. It was determined that I had a ruptured bladder, small bowel, smashed pelvis and hip, a broken collarbone, and the right lung had collapsed. After my operation, which took 10.5 hours they had taken me to ICU.

On July 12, 2002 they had to give me a blood transfusion, because my red blood cell count was down. My blood pressure and pulse rate were to high and I developed a chest infection. Besides the painkiller they gave me 3 different antibiotics to stop the infection. After they slowly took me off the medication, I began to move my arms and legs around, still not opening my eyes and still on assisted breathing.

On July 16, 2002 I opened my left eye twice, just for a short moment, the next day I opened both of my eyes 4 times. I still had trouble with my chest, lots of mucous, lots of coughing. During all this time my mom did Reiki, which helped me to shift the mucous and to get rid of my infection faster. After I was stable enough they brought me into the Trauma Unit, where they slowly started with Physiotherapy. My next stop was the Glenrose Rehab Centre in Edmonton, where I spend 40days, before I was send to a long term facility in Pinoka, known as the Alberta Brain Injury Unit, where I stayed until May 2003, before my parents brought me home to Powell River. After all I wasn't able to walk properly, I was limping very badly and needed a cane constantly, and I wasn't able to talk properly either, most of the time it was difficult for people to understand what I was saying, my memory was totally gone. The doctors said that my brain was functioning at a 20% capacity, and estimated that I would never be able to walk again.

A couple weeks later we heard about Dr.Rahim and we booked an appointment with him. After his Health Assessment, which was an hour long, he suggested that I should go on a 6-Step Deep Cleansing Program, to clean my organs and entire body systematically, step by step, because my body was full of toxins, heavy metal, chemicals, infections and inflammations. During the Cleansing Program I felt that my energy had increased, the infection and inflammation got better, my digestive system improved, my blood pressure normalized and slowly, slowly I felt clarity in my brain.

He also suggested special movement therapy which I was supposed to do every week under Dr.Rahim`s supervision and he showed me some exercises to do at home, twice a day. These special exercises were to build my foundation, adjust my blockage and open the meridian (energy line). I'm still doing all the special exercises he showed me, because Dr.Rahim said if you don't have discipline I can't help you, because you need a strong will and discipline in your life to have success. I still do my homework twice a day and I'm feeling great.

After the 6-Step Deep Cleansing Program was done, he gave me homeopathic medications, especially for my brain. This homeopathic medication, which is called Cereplex 1 and Cereplex 2, is designed for brain disorder, brain injury, memory loss, depression, anxiety etc. I'm taking it 3 times a day.

Thanks to Dr.Rahim who always believed in me and encouraged me, I am now able to talk properly, my memory is coming back and the best thing of all, my brain function has now increased from 20% to 80%. The reason why I know that my brain function has increased to 80%, is because during all these years I saw Dr. Paul Swingle in Vancouver, B.C. who was measuring my brain function. He told me, that nobody's Brain function in the entire world has increased from 20% to 80%. It's impossible for someone with brain injuries to be healed that quickly.

Thank you Dr.Rahim for your help and support. You gave me back my life quality.

Robert Gilles, Powell River, B.C.

P.S. - The results from my brain measurement 2003 to 2007 from Dr.Paul Swingle


Hi, my name is Nick Lawrence.

Two years ago it was recommended to me that I see Dr.Rahim.

I was suffering from a series of back problems, consisting of scoliosis (double curvature of the spine) and sciatic nerve "spasms". His assessment left me with a list of ailments, such as inflamed intestinal tract, liver damage, kidney damage, poor circulation and 20% of my lungs were out of order, which explained to me my accepted symptoms of fatigue, drowsiness after meals, insatiable appetite and roller coaster blood sugar levels. Two years later I have completed 2 of Dr.Rahim`s Six Step Deep Cleansing Program, am on Step3 of his physical Rehabilitation Program, consisting of home exercises and weekly weight training.

I now eat less, have more energy and have a straight spine. I no longer live on an ethereal glycemic roller coaster, and can walk, work, snow board, chop and carry firewood and am soon start running at the track. Life quality thanks to Dr.Rahim.

Nick Lawrence, Quadra Island, B.C.


My name is Lena De Vita.

I first met Dr.Rahim 2 1/2 years ago.

Before that I went from one Doctor Appointment to the other. I had very high blood pressure, 195 over 160, my cholesterol was too high, I was full of infections and inflammations, my legs were swollen, I had diverticulitis, IBS, blood in my stool and urine, and my whole body was in pain constantly, every step I made left me out of breath, my weight was 250 pounds and I was totally out of shape and in a very bad condition. I was hopeless and desperately looking for help, when somebody recommended Dr.Rahim to me.

My first visit with him gave me hope again, he said if you want to get healthy again, you have to change your life completely, for that you need a strong will, discipline and a positive attitude. If you don't do what I say, don't come to me, because it takes a lot of work. After His Health Assessment he put me on his 6-Step Deep Cleansing Program. He also showed me some Foundation- Exercise to prevent Arthritis and Osteoporosis. During the 6-Step Cleansing Program I changed my Diet, drank 3litres of water a day, did my exercise on a regular basis and slowly started feeling better, step after step. After Dr.Rahim showed me Step 2 of his exercise program, he suggested that it would be good for me to walk every day. I followed his recommendation and walked 3 km every day, which was very hard for me in the beginning, because of the pain in my legs and my weight problem. I stuck to the program, but without Dr.Rahim`s help and motivation I probably would have failed. He was the one who always reminded me, that without discipline and strong willpower there is no success.

Today I'm a totally different person. My weight dropped from 250 pounds to 160 pounds, walking is one of my biggest hobbies now, I never miss a day, I feel great; have lots of energy and all the medical problems I had before vanished. My blood pressure normalized, my cholesterol went down, my digestive system improved, the pain in my body went away, my legs are no longer swollen and there are no more infections and inflammation in my body, I feel like a newborn. I can never thank Dr.Rahim enough for what he had done for me, he gave me back my life quality and every new day is a gift.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are my hero Dr.Rahim, God bless you.

Lena De Vita, Powell River, B.C.


A dream about my Heart prompted me to see Dr.Rahim after coming across his brochure earlier. Things about my health didn't seem right. Well my body was out of alignment. It caused my organs to gradually shut down ever so slowly over the years. Poor eating habits, little exercise, etc. caused a build up of toxins. By following Dr.Rahim`s 6-Step intensive Cleansing Program and his exercise program to strengthen the Core Muscles, I was provided with a better quality of life!! Thank you Dr.Rahim for sharing your knowledge and your positive attitude towards life.

Jane Steele, Powell River, B.C.


A visit to my GP had left me most dissatisfied. He had concluded my blood pressure was elevated and my cholesterol was too high; my hormones were also unbalanced. I refused several prescriptions and found my way to Dr. Rahim's office. After three months of regular visits to Dr. Rahim, participating in an intensive cleansing program, making dietary changes and following Dr.Rahim's exercise program...I was thrilled! A return trip to my GP showed I had reduced my cholesterol level from 6.51 to 4.99 and my blood pressure, previously 140/100 was now 115/65. I had increased energy and a more efficient digestive system. My weight had also dropped by 20 pounds. My GP was extremely impressed with these changes and said he wished I could speak with 90 per cent of his patients and convince them to do what I had done.

Thanks Dr. Rahim for increasing my quality of life.

Deborah Weber, Campbell River, B.C.


As a busy professional person with a family, I need my good health. I first went to Dr. Rahim because I wasn't as healthy as I felt I could be. A friend, knowing what I was dealing with, encouraged me to go see Dr. Rahim. I listened to her recommendation but I didn't do anything until I saw that it was making a difference for her.

At that time I was experiencing periodic stomach pain. The pains would double me over and Advil seemed to be the only thing that killed the pain. The sores on my face were often like boils - they were sore and took a long time to heal. It seemed like I used Clearasil%uFFFD as a foundation. It was embarrassing. I was also sensitive to a growing number of foods and environmental conditions. The list of what I couldn't eat seemed longer than the list of what I could eat. Spring and fall were miserable as I sneezed and ran through boxes and boxes of tissues. As I approached 50 I wanted better health and a better quality of life.

After Dr. Rahim's initial assessment he recommended I do a series of cleanses. Once those were done he gave me a series of homeopathic remedies. All this was just over three years ago. Within 6 months I successfully began a running program. Within 12 months stomach pains were rare and I no longer had to carry Advil with me. Two years later I realized that I wasn't sneezing my way through spring. Today I get numerous compliments about how wonderful my skin is.

I'm not in perfect health yet but I am closer. In spite of a very busy life with more than 175 nights in hotels and more time in airplanes than I care to count, I have lots of energy. I sleep well. I enjoy life. In order to regain and maintain my good health, I am doing a second round of cleanses. My goals are to lose more weight and gain a greater level of fitness. I know I am fine-tuning my health with Dr. Rahim's assistance. I look forward to improved quality of life into my senior years.

Anne Davies, Ph. D. Courtenay, BC


At four years old, I experienced constant stomach pain which started me down a road of major health issues, increasing over the next 25 years. The doctors could not find out what was wrong. My digestive system grew worse and absorption of nutrients was greatly limited. As a result I became weak, was extremely fatigued, unable to work, and had to spend much of my time in bed. With a compromised immune system, I was always ill.

In February 2007, I was introduced to Dr.Rahim. He quickly discovered that my digestive problems were due to inflammation in the duodenum. He than put me on his 6 Step Deep Cleansing Program to cleanse, detoxify, and heal my body. With more energy now, I go for walks, am able to weight lift, do household activities, and I can eat without pain.

With much thanks to Dr.Rahim, I feel alive again.

Connie Hellenga, Powell River, B.C.


Hi! My name is Jamil Rahim, and I am 15 years old. My parents have been doing the cleanse every year now, and this year, I was really eager to try it along with them. I asked my dad if it would be O.K. to do it. He said it's not necessary, but said it's a good experience.

Before I started the intensive cleanse, I had a problem concentrating, and my ankles constantly hurt. When I finished the cleanse, all my problems vanished. Concentrating was no longer a problem, and my ankles were no longer in pain. My digestion and energy levels went up too. I was able to do sports and run longer without getting tired, and I felt the best I ever have in my entire life.

Thanks to your cleanse dad, I am in the best shape of my life.

Jamil Rahim, Courtenay, BC


Previous cleanses I have tried have left me tired and full of aches and pains. This series of cleanses has not only left me able to pursue my daily activities, I have also added more exercise to my life during the cleanses.

Usually I have food cravings. There were times when I couldn't sleep unless I had chocolate. I would keep some hidden in my cupboards for times when desperate cravings hit me. Doing cleanses with no sugar, chocolate, or caffeine - used to be really tough. I would have to continuously fight sugar and chocolate cravings. No fun. And, the caffeine withdrawal was really hard. This time all my cravings are gone. There was no withdrawal. This has been a big plus for me.

S. A. Duncan, Rossland, BC


When I first visited Dr. Rahim I was experiencing pain in my knee and had recently received the news that I had osteoarthritis.

Following his recommendations which included daily flexibility exercises, eliminating foods that were contributing to imbalance among the systems of my body, and following a series of body system cleanses, I am at a comfortable weight, my knee pain has greatly diminished, my circulation has improved dramatically and I am active and energized at 65.

It is with joy that I begin each day.

Kathy Busick


My name is Joe Howie, I am 17 years old and I was diagnosed with Leukemia when I was 10 years old. After three and a half years of Chemotherapy and steroids, I was finished my cancer treatment in May 2010. I had a lot of side effects from all of the medications, including kidney failure, gallbladder stones and weight gain from long term steroid use. After two and a half years post-treatment, I had still not lost the weight and had very low energy. I knew that I wanted to make a change in my life.

Other people in my family had gone to Dr. Rahim and done his cleanse and they all had great results. This encouraged me to give it a try. I started the cleanse on January 3, 2013. At first it was hard, but I was determined to do it. After 6 months, I had lost 55 pounds and had way more energy than I could remember having since I was very young. I am so happy with the results and I feel so much healthier and stronger. This experience has once again given me the life quality that I've lacked for so many years. I am so thankful for this amazing opportunity that has changed my life in so many ways.

Thank you.

Joseph Howie

Campbell River, BC.


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